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09.09.18 idict med app analyzed in -Identification and Evaluation of Medical Translator Mobile ApplicationsUsing an Adapted APPLICATIONS Scoring System


03.06.17 iauscult X on top 4 medical mac apps in the mac store Denmark


14.05.17 Claymore-Shredder Intelligence Enterprise Edition on top 67 out of Top 100 macOS App chartsk


104.12.16 iauscult X on top 4 medical mac apps in the mac store Kuwait


21.09.15 Claymore-Shredder is now also available for WINDOWS, visit our Windows store:


16.05.15 iwild the hunting app for the iPhone is recommended in the hunting magazine


24.02.15 recommends our free math equation library app iformula lite for students


17.06.14 Medical University of Southampton, England recommends my iauscult app as e-learning medical app !


06.06.14 The Japanese website (Site to introduce the recommended application) recommends my Claymore-Shredder software for the Mac as one of the best shredder software products on the market !


10.10.13 c‘t German IT magazine special iPhone edition Fall 2013 wrote an article about our iPhone app „save petrol“ page 45


30.11.12 now partners with the outstanding jazz musicians, band „A Gentle conversation“


09.11.12 Austria newspaper „Kleine Zeitung“ wrote a detailed A4 article about our app „iscrew“


13.10.12 Austria newspaper „Kurier“ wrote about our iPhone app „iscrew“ a detailed article


19.09.2012 Partnering with the Chicago Department of Aviation


20.06.2012 Vineyard estate Brolli-Arkadenhof portfolio was presented in „Commercial News, Donauraum“ (06/2012)


06.03.2012: The Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported on 06/03/2012 in the page 26 in the article "effective refuel" on the app "save fuel"


21.09.2011: iscrew app was recommended by the German magazine „Freundin“ ,Burda press - for do-it-yourselfer (release 21/2011)


T-Mobile Austria awarded our app „Weinkultur“ with the TopApp award, T-Mobile has commented: „...Weinkultur is Austrian‘s top winery guide...“


19.07.2011 iformula pro reaches at TOP 8 for the best math app in education !


17.07.2011: useful apps for students !


"Airport-maps" was award to the best iPhone apps (rank 5) in February 2011 by the cell phone carrier T-MOBILE Austria !


23.05.2011: Premium partnering with Fort Lauderdale airport


22.02.2011: Article in the Pilot Club magazine about airport-maps


International airport partners:

• Anchorage International Airport (USA) • Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (USA) • Baltimore/Washington International Airport (USA) • Bermuda L.F.Wade International Airport (USA) • Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (USA) • Chicago Department of Aviation O‘Hare International Airport (USA) • Chicago Department of Aviation Midway International Airport (USA) • Columbia Metropolitan International Airport (USA) • Colorado Springs International Airport (USA) • Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (USA) • Des Moines International Airport (USA) • Fairbanks International airport (USA) • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (USA) • Gerald R. Ford International Airport (USA) • GSP international Airport Roger Milliken Field Greer, SC (USA) • Long Beach International Airport (USA) • Jacksonville JAX International Airport (USA) • Juneau International Airport (USA) • Melbourne International Airport (USA) • Miami International Airport (USA) • Orlando MCO International Airport (USA) • Palm Beach International Airport (USA) • San Francisco International Airport (USA) • San José International Airport (USA) • St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (USA) • T.F.Green International Airport (USA) • Valdosta-Lowndes International Airport (USA) • Sofia International Airport (Bulgaria) • Halifax International Airport (Canada) • Buenos Aires Aeroparque International Airport (Argentina) • Ezeiza International Airport (Argentina) • Berlin International Airports (Germany) • Bonn/Cologne International Airport (Germany) • Stuttgart International Airport (Germany) • FMO Muenster Osnabrueck International Airport (Germany) • Saarbruecken International Airport (Germany) • Frankfurt International Airport (Germany) • Hamburg International Airport (Germany) • Innsbruck International Airport (Austria) • Linz International Airport (Austria) • Graz International Airport (Austria) • Klagenfurt International Airport (Austria) • Salzburg International Airport (Austria • Vienna International Airport (Austria) • Larnca International Airport (Cyprus) • Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport (Finland) • Corfu International Airport (Greece) • Budapest International Airport (Hungary) • Delhi International Airport (India) • Trieste International airport (Italy) • Aeroporti di Roma (Italy) • Reyjavik International Airport (Iceland) • West Ireland Knock International Airport (Ireland) • Kaunas International Airport (Lithuania) • Riga International Airport (Latvia) • Cancun International Airport (Mexico) • Groningen International airport(Netherlands) • Oslo Lufthavn International Airport (Norway) • St.Petersburg Pulkovo International Airport(Russia) • Ljubljana International Airport (Slovenia) • Euroairport International Basel (Switzerland) • Sion International Airport (Switzerland) • St.Gallen-Altenrhein International Airport (Switzerland) • Zurich International airport (Switzerland) • Izmir International Airport (Turkey) • Pula International Airport (Croatia) • Zagreb International Airport (Croatia) • Prague International Airport (Czech Republic) • Bratislava International airport (Slovakia) • Bloemfontein airport (South Africa) • Cape Town International Airport (South Africa) • Durban International Airport (South Africa) • George International Airport (South Africa) • Kimberley International Airport (South Africa) • O.R. Tambo International Airport (South Africa) • Pilanesberg International Airport (South Africa) • Port Elisabeth International Airport (South Africa) • Upington International Airport (South Africa) • Newcastle International Airport (United Kingdom) • Karkiv International Airport (Ukraine) • and others


Winery partners:

• in Styria: •winery Albert •winery Brolli-Arkadenhof •winery Brunner •winery Domäne Müller •winery Domittner Kloecherhof •winery Dreisiebner •winery Elsnegg •winery Farnleitner •winery Felberjoergl •winery Florian •winery Frauwallner Walter •winery Friedrich •winery Fruehwirth •winery Gamser Winzerstube •winery Georgiberg •winery Giessauf-Nell •winery Gnaser •winery Gross •winery Gründl •winery Harkamp •winery Holler •winery Jaunegg •winery Joebstl •winery Klug •winery Kohl •winery Kollerhof •winery Kratzer •winery Krenn •winery Kuntner •winery Lackner-Tinnacher •winery Langmann •winery Lazarus •winery Leitnerhof •winery Lieleg •winery Lieschnegg •winery Mueller Kloech •winery Mueller Wies •winery Muster Gamlitz •winery Muster Leutschach •winery Negrep •winery Neumeister •winery Oswald •winery Pilch •winery Platzer •winery Ploder-Rosenberg •winery Polz •winery Pongratz •winery Posch •winery Potzinger •winery Primus •winery Rauch •winery Regele •winery Reichmann •winery Reinisch •winery Reiterer •winery Repolusk •winery Resch •winery Rotschaedl •winery Sabathi Erwin •winery Sabathi Hannes •winery Sabathihof Dillinger •winery Sattlerhof •winery Scharl •winery Schererkogel •winery Schilhan •winery Schloss Gamlitz Fam. Melcher •winery Schloss Seggau •winery Schneeberger •winery Schwarz •winery Silberberg •winery Skoff Peter •winery Skoff Walter •winery Skringer •winery Soell •winery Steinbauer Maria •winery Strauss •winery Strohmeier •winery Tement •winery Thaller •winery Toso •winery Trabos •winery Triebl •winery Tscheppe •winery Tschermonegg •winery Weber •winery Windisch •winery Winkler-Hermaden •winery Wippel •winery Wohlmuth •winery Zitz •winery Zweytick • in Burgenland: •winery J.Heinrich •winery H. Bayer •winery H. Igler •winery J. Igler •winery Prickler •winery Juliana Wieder •winery Salzl •winery H.Nittnaus •winery M. Opitz •winery Kracher •winery Keringer •winery Juris •winery Hareter •winery Haider •winery Beck Judith •winery Artisanwines •winery Nehrer •winery Hartl Toni •winery Hillinger Leo •winery Wagentristl •winery G. Trierbaumer •winery Tremmel •winery P. Schandl •winery Prieler •winery Leberl •winery Kloster am Spitz T. Schwarz •winery Giefing •winery Feiler-Artinger •winery Braunsteriner Birgit •winery Tesch •winery Vinum Ferreum •winery Muhr

Event partner:

• Schloss Gamlitz, Firmen Event, Hochzeiten, Weingut, Lounge, Incentives, Weihnachtsfeier, Tagungen, Hotel, Urlaub, Gamlitz - Austria, Südsteiermark

Hunting partner:

• Namibia

Music partner:

• A Gentle Conversation

Leadership Communication Training partner:

• Gerfried Schoenangerer


More than 110 Apple iOS apps, 10 Apple Mac OS X software products and one Windows software product, from a single professional source, i-formula uses TPM, TQM, KANBAN for process optimization and quality management ! Available at the Mac store, App store & Amazon software store ! (Official Apple Developer - Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch - Mac software developer and Apple case design licensee, official XOJO, MS Windows software application developer)

• Tactical Defense Software for Windows & Mac:

Claymore-Shredder (disk shredder) for Mac (Apple App store)

Claymore-Shredder Intelligence Enterprise Edition (single file shredder) for Mac (Apple app store)

Claymore-Shredder Intelligence Enterprise Edition (single file shredder) Gen.2 Viking Hammer Tech. for Mac (SHOP)

DWS Dark Web Sheriff (Codename: Peregrine) for Mac (product video)

External Sniffing IP Network Security Tool for Mac (store)

HAVELIN File Encryptor (store) (manual)

Navaja Secure Email AES 256 DL (store) (manual)

Navaja-SEE (Secure Email Enterprise) SERVER AES 256 DL (store) (manual)

Mole Tactical Defense Monitoring Recording Security Software for Mac more...

Password Pandora password manager AES 256 (store)

iSeal(OS X 10.9 only)(free download)

Several tactical security software projects (confidential)

• Medical Software for the Mac:

iauscult-X for Mac (Apple App store)

idict med X (store)

idict med X EN <-> RU (store)

• Scientific Software for the Mac:

iformula pro X (store)

• Free Software for the Mac:

FREE i-formula Mac OS X screensaver (download)

• iOS apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

• Tactical Defense, Security apps

Anti-kidnap (store)

Anti-kidnap professional SENSORTAG ready ! (retired) (manual)

Get the TI SensorTag for Anti-kidnap prof. at the TI e-store ! (store)

call-911 (store) (manual)

My-Mayday (store)

emergenza italiana (retired **)

Euronotruf pro (retired **)

Navaja Secure Email iOS DL AES 256 (store)

Notruf Deutschland (store) (manual)

Notruf Schweiz (store) (manual)

Password-Pandora Password Manager iOS AES 256 (store) (manual)

• Medical, Healthcare Solution apps:

iauscult (store)

idolo (store)

idict med ENG <-> GER + Apple Watch app extension ! (store)

idict med ITA <-> GER (store)

idict med RUS <-> GER (store)

ipain (retired **)

Nachtdienst (retired**)

• Science, Education apps

iformula lite free (store)

iformula pro + Apple Watch SciFi calculator app(store)

iformula pro español (store)

iformula pro HD (store)

iscrew (store)

• Reference apps

airport-maps + Apple Watch app extension - free (store)

idict math (store)

idict Austrian (store)

izip Austria (store)

izip Germany (store)

izip Switzerland (store)

izip Slovenia (store)

izip Croatia (store)

iwild (store)

flight codes (store)

flight codes pro(store)

flight codes airline (store)

• Entertainment apps

i-sleepwell (store)

baby learn farm (retired **)

baby learn zoo (retired **)

ilucky pig(retired **)

icupertino (free) (store)

38 x ihymn (store)

ihymn USA pro (retired **)

ihymn Swiss pro(retired **)

ihymn Germany pro(retired **)

iwedding (retired **)

my snow globe (store)

snow globe Austria (retired **)

snow globe Germany (retired **)

• Lifestyle apps

Weinkultur lite free (retired **)

Weinkultur + Apple Watch app extension (store)

Weinkultur Burgenland (store)

Winery guide South Africa (store)

• Environmental protection apps

Save petrol (retired **)

• Hardware

iPhone case, sleeve (retired product) i-formula armored flexible Aramid (similar to Kevlar®) iPhone cover, frag and small bullet resistent cover, as well as similar other impact forces.

• Awards

iPhone apps Plus hottest award

• Retired apps

** more than 50 retired old apps -


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